Limpkin Invades Wakulla Springs State Park

Limpkin in Wakulla Springs State Park I have over the years learned to really appreciate the wildlife photographers that specialize in photographing birds. It is no easy task when they are usually so skidish of any movement. This guy was shot from a small floating boat in the swamp, he must be use to crazy photographers.

Wakulla Springs State Park in Florida has an unbelievable number of species to be able to photograph, and you don't have to have a real high dollar setup to get some good shots here. This photo is a Limpkin (Aramus guarauna), which are somewhat related to the cranes.

They are a pretty good sized bird, this one is protecting his nest as we go quietly by in our non-motorized boat, although he doesn't look all that happy about our presence.

Image Specifics

  • Body - Nikon n90s
  • Lens - Nikon 75-300mm @ 300mm
  • Film - Kodak 100S