Lopi Wood Burning Stove is Still Burning in April

lopi wood burning stove Wow, today was a busy day of work. I usually wear many "work" hats throughout the day, today was no different, but there was a lot of heavy lifting on my part, mostly from boxes of books.

It started off by my normal reading of all my email and feeds from other blogs and as it would happen sometimes, I came across this really cool idea that ragamuffinsoul had about doing a time lapse of your day, A Day In The Life. Of course, I had to give it a try. I have to say, nothing like his, but it was pretty cool. I may just use it as my "welcome" video I have been putting off doing over and over.

A Fire in the Stove, In April?

The morning was quite cold for down here in the south, almost 40° when we woke up, cold enough that Deborah requested I get my act together and get a fire going in our wood burning stove. Yep, last day of April (in the far south no less) and we had a rip roaring fire. The exhaust temp got up to about 1,000° and the stove top temp about 350°, just about the same as dead of winter. We had the house built with a Lopi Wood Burning stove and we never have to run the heater.

Everything Else

I managed to get in a bit of practice on my E blues scale. I am getting a little faster at it but my bent up little finger on the end is having a hard go at the A blues scale. I am supposed to stretch it out, we'll see. I was able to learn a nice little accompaniment to Hootie and Blowfish's Michelle Post. All done pretty much with the g-chord, not to hard. After all that I still managed to get in about a 4 mile walk around the property before I was ready to collapse.

At the last minute I decided to join a small blogger group on Tuesday's and Wednesday's that should be good, if I can find the time, and that post is over on d.amasc.us at Vagabond Blogger Small Group, I'm In.