Work with Books Today and Some Music Trading

Monday, April 28, 2008

Well, its Monday, so back to work we go. It was a series of moving boxes of books in and out and off to make all kinds of various stops in town. Had to get in a little guitar practice, Tuesday is my next lesson and I think I should know some of what he was trying to teach me. I have done pretty good on the E Blues Scale this week.

New Music Arrivals from

I trade music CD's with the people over at and today I received three CD's to add to my collection.

  • The Unplugged Collection - Volume One
  • Roger Waters - Amused to Death
  • John Mayer - Room for Squares

This was my first album by John Mayer and this particular one was really good. I knew quite a few songs on the album already but I will probably get his other two. I also didn't know he was a "local" to the south. I also found a new artist, Matthew Perryman Jones, that I will have to check out. His demos I heard on his website sound great. Deborah also received her set of CD's for the upcoming 2008 National Polka Festival in Ennis Texas. We go to this festival each year and to get going, she received 7 different polka CD's for her birthday.

Everything Else

Our 15 year old Bassett Hound, Blazer, now has to go on some kind of outrageously expensive arthritis medication (Previcox), which I was informed after the fact was going to be $11 A PILL. Great, just added a $300/month expense in a 5 minute visit.

Nature in View

Our two (what we call) Fox Squirrels came over to check out the pile of pecans I put out for them. Didn't take long for them to devour most of what was a 5 pound bag of cracked pecans.