So Don't Confuse Me With the Facts

Jesus is the TruthWhen we were in town yesterday I came across this granite rock with this really cool quote and had to take a photo of it while I was there. I am sure they would have preferred I purchased said rock, but I just wanted the saying, so out came the phone.  I had come across this before but it struck me when I read it again. At first, my thoughts were how this applies to "others" but quickly realized that this is really how many of us Believers think sometimes when we are listening to a well prepared message, scripture, or perhaps more importantly, other people.

I think we can often be close minded to the realities and situations of people that we come across each day. Everyone's situation or current circumstances are different, we each have our own story, and no one else knows exactly how it brings us to this point today. We don't agree with "it" (whatever it is) perhaps, but we should try to look at each situation and circumstance with the love of God in our hearts, not our normal judgmental ways. What do you think? Only a thousand ways to take this but it was something I wanted to remember past this week, so I had to write it down.

I had a pastor that use to tell me, there is basically one single Truth (Jesus) and that was non-negotiable. After that, everything is up for discussion and interpretation. How wrapped up in our own pre-conceived notions of how things should be are we as Believers?

Any thoughts?