Testing Out Freelance Work With Elance

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The weather today could not have been nicer down here in beautiful LA. It is now in the mid-80's during the day and very pleasant at night. It won't be long before we will have to shut all doors and windows and not open them again until winter, lest we melt from the heat.

Work and Elance

Today was a nice day spent working in the office. We didn't have to go anywhere and tomorrow will be about the same before we leave on Friday for the gulf coast. We are going to spend a long needed weekend down on the coast. Even if it rains the entire time we are there it will be nice to be back down on the water again.

I bid on my first project over at Elance today. I have been preparing my profile, resume, and all other things I felt were needed to present to any potential client that I am indeed the hard working, reliable person I say I am on my profile page. I spent almost two months getting all my ducks in a row to pick up some freelance work from this specific site.

We will see how it goes tomorrow when the bids close for that particular project. There is a lot of information about what to do and not to do on Elance, like, Elance Tips: Top 5 Projects You Should Run Away From, hopefully I picked a good one.

I did manage to pick up the guitar and practice a bit today. New scales from yesterday's lesson have my fingers numb and very sore. Open E blues scale and A blues scale on tops on the list for this week.

Nature in View

Not much happening in this area today. We had a gigantic Turkey Vulture sit on the edge of the pond, I guess waiting for something to just float up for lunch. Nothing else but the crazy Whippoorwills today, and a frequent squirrel visitor who was thrilled that I put out a bunch of cracked pecans just for him.

After dinner on the patio we did enjoy a nice fire. Still a good size of biomass to burn up from clearing over the winter.