Scales and Guitars Oh My, Learning the Guitar is Fun?

Today was one busy day. It started off with a normal routine of email and blogging and quickly moved into actual work. We had a schedule to keep today so all the orders from all the various places had to be processed and packaged so we could leave on time today.

I really liked the plan of action service we had on Sunday so we took the oportunity today to put things into action, and I did a quick post about it, Almost Mid-week, Are You Fluid?, including a nice mug shot of your truly.

Once in town, being that it is Tuesday, Deborah dropped me off for my guitar lesson and she went on to drop the orders at the post office, pick up our mail and a few other items. After my lesson was over, we hustled over to an appointment at a nearby store to see about something for my son's upcoming wedding in August, then it was over to work with the books for a few hours.

Dinner and a Movie

After all the work was done, we did enjoy a nice dinner, although brought at completely separate intervals (and free of charge). This always seems to happen to us when we go to Chili's but for some reason we still go back. It was nice to sit and relax for a while.

Wasn't really a movie but we did get a chance to watch a little TV when we got home from dinner.

Incoming Music From LaLa

I do a bit of CD music trading on the music exchange site, and today I did receive four new CD's to add to my collection.

  • Alan Parsons - Try Anything Once (came broken)
  • U2 - War
  • Stevie Nicks - Street Angel
  • Collective Soul - Blender (this is the second go around on this CD as well)

Nature in View

Nothing really to report here today, wasn't in the office much so about the only observation of nature (other than looking out my window, which is actually pretty nice) was the image of the day, There is Beauty in Simplicity, but I think that counts as "nature".

The Whippoorwills are still here and about to drive us crazy so I don't really count them anymore at this point.