Purchased Revolution Wordpress Theme, We Will See I Guess

Today started off productive and early with work on my editor blog and a few images. I am almost finished now copying all my images over to my new HDD and I can't wait until the last disc is copied tomorrow. I think I have now copied about 300-400 GB's of images over form disc. Interesting that these discs are about 5-6 years old now and have already started having error issues, which I will post about on my business blog once I am finished. The majority of the morning was spent getting all our eBay, Amazon, and various miscellaneous orders together for tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a long day with many stops to make and first on the list is to get the orders out.

What's in a Theme, Revolution

I spent some of the afternoon completely updating all of my blogs to a new theme by Brian Gardner. It wasn't really a new one, but an update to a set of themes he uses called Revolution. You can read more about it in his post, A Revolutionary Free Blog Theme, but he some other great themes as well. I was finally able to integrate all my 5 main blogs into one design and I think it is much cleaner and work well. In fact, it worked so well I couldn't tell the difference between my business blog and all the others so I have the title of each at the top left corner of each individual blog.

Nature in View

I was able to get in a very quick walk today and saw the normal hawk flying overhead. We did have a new visitor to our feeder today, a Rose-breasted Grosbeak. My book said they were pretty rare down here (or up here for them), but we are in their habitat area. Have never seen one before, a very pretty bird.

rose-breasted grosbeak

We have had some crazy humming birds this year too, but they are usual visitors and they almost seem like pets the way they fight over the feeder.