Sunday is Our Day of Rest with a Husqvarna Chainsaw of Course

Scott's Chain Saw Today was going to be one of those relaxing days of doing nothing and enjoying this unbelievably beautiful weather. Well, the weather was gorgeous today. I was looking forward to our worship time today since we have been out of town the last few Sunday's, and it was incredible. A series on missions, which I was told ahead of time to expect something "different". Well it was different all right, and very uplifting and challenging (see The Mission Field is Fluid for details) service.

Before we left for church I was able to work on some photo scans of old family members and add them to an older blog post piece. I love looking at and working with images of all kinds so this was an enjoyable start to the day.

There is Always a Tree to Move and Grass to Cut

I started working on a blog post over on and stopped to do some of my daily walk about. Short today, only about 2 miles but after lunch it was decided that a fallen tree on the road needed to be cut up and moved for fire wood for next winter.

I like getting the chance to work with my dad and working outside so we cut up the tree that Alabama Power deemed un-necessary and a bother for power lines. It still needs to be split up for fire wood, but it is better than rotting on the side of our driveway.

Scott and Larry Picking Up Tree

Of course once the tractor is out, better cut some more grass, there is always grass to cut.

Nature in View

This morning before we left for church we had 4 deer drink from the pond and then walk across a shallow section of the pond. This was about 8:30am, not when it was dark at all. We often have deer come by at night but not usually during the day. Probably has to do with the missing 100 acres of trees that was taken down last week bordering our property. It was nice to see the deer in the day light. We did have a visit by a very large woodpecker who found our Dogwood sapling a nice place to sit. The woodpeckers are all over the place now.