Saturday is Time to Cut Grass on a John Deere Tractor

Cutting Grass on the John Deere Tractor Today was a day for one thing, cutting grass on the tractor. I think I started about 8am in some light misty rain and stopped about 5pm to go for a short walk. It was short because I was so tired from the days work I couldn't really put in a full 4-5 miles. I probably cut about 10 acres of grass today, but since we were out of town the last several weekends it really needed to be cut. The grass was higher than the dog and he was not wanting to go outside anymore. Granted, we have a short dog, but still, the grass/weeds, were very high.

Last year we didn't have any rain for almost 12 months straight, this Winter and Spring we have received a little bit more, not much, but a little, so the Bahia grass has actually grown this year.

Minor Other Items

I was able to do a few other items besides cut grass today. I did copy of a few more CD's of images onto my compute and updated one of my blogs, My Life in Europe, a blog I edit. On thing that was a nice surprise at the end of the day was hearing from an old friend, Thangles. Deborah and I (and Deborah's mom and husband David) worked with Patrick and Mary from Thangles at almost all the same quilt shows, for years until we stopped vending at shows. It was really nice to hear from them again after so long. I am looking forward tomorrow to getting back to our church. I was told to expect something different, still not sure what that means but we will see.

Nature in View

We sat out by the fire on the patio tonight after dinner and just about sunset when there was still a little bit of light in the sky, we both witnessed a great shooting star, with a huge contrail turning white to green. It was probably some space junk falling to earth but it was incredible to see. We always get to see some unique parts of nature when we take the time to sit out by the fire. We also seem to have a huge population of Whippoorwills. They call all night to each other. Usually they are competing with the Mocking birds and Barn Owls but not yet. If you haven't ever heard one, they are LOUD.