Work, and a Little More Work then Onto Logan's Restaurant

Today was one of those days with a list a mile long that would take 48 hours, trying to cram it into 24. A little more hectic of a day when we have to plan to go to town and take care of everything that needs to be done.

Work, Work, Work

I got up extra early this morning (4am, that's REAL early to me) to try and take care of the normal daily items I knew were going to have to get done before we left. I did manage to get a good bit a work finished before we left, just not enough.

Orders, Dinner, and a Little Trimming

We usually go into town two times a week. This was one of the two days this week so Deborah is busy packaging up all the orders while I am trying to get everything together we need to take with us. Today, we had a request to pick up a new push trimmer from Sears, so we added that to the list of things to do when we drove into town today (the list is very long at this point). It works GREAT. Makes me wish I had waited one more day to do the trimming. We went through all the normal stops we have to make, the post office, mail box, our regular volunteer work in Opelika, Sears, and of course, we had to fill up the gas tank. I only say that at this point because it is becoming a big deal now. It was almost $70 to fill up our car, and it wasn't totally empty.

Dinner was nice. My parents met us at Logan's Restaurant in town and had a good meal together. Watched a little more of the Braves game before we both crashed. Tomorrow is a day for nothing but yard work. This is the end of the my first full week of writing this journal. So far, seems pretty routine. Next weekend, at least, I will be writing from the Gulf Coast.