Close Up Macro Photo of a Grasshopper on Barbed Wire

Grasshopper on Barbed Wire Fense We all just need a place to hang out sometimes. Of course, we can't all balance like this guy. I love macro photography, it gives you a chance to look at something very close and expands the number of subjects you have on any given day.  This grasshopper is not very large as you might be able to tell by the enlargement of the barbed wire fence.  Many photographers below true macro photography starts when you photograph something at a 1:1 ratio, if so, this is pretty close.

I really love macro photography.  I makes you look at things totally different and there is always something to shoot if you look close enough.  This image was taken with one of Nikon's true macro lenses, the Nikkor 105mm macro lens, but you can do "macro" or close-up photography with a lens filter on just about any camera you already have there at the house.  Look for something called a close-up filter in your local camera store and make sure it will fit on the end of your lens (usually with screw on threads).  Many newer digital point and shoot camera also have a "macro" setting in the menus that will allow for closer focus than you otherwise get with standard mode.

Image Specifics

Nikon - n90s Lens - Nikon 105mm Macro Film - Fuji Velvia