Lifting Books for Amazon and Some Clear Cut Logging

Logging for the Mill It finally warmed up a little bit, just in time for me to do some heavy hauling. What I felt like I did all day was carry boxes up and down the stairs, that's about it.  It is a real workout to carry 50-70 pound boxes of books up and down a full flight of stairs all day, but that is what the work requires right now.  My legs have grown much stronger (and more tired).

A Day for Boxes and Books

Today was a day for moving boxes and books. We finally picked up our last load of book/boxes and did not have the energy last night to bring them into the house. So, after going through my daily email and minor work items (and some food) it was off to unload the trailer. Probably about 1000 pounds in total, which I brought up our flight of stairs to fill the landing area, the last bare spot in the house.

Boxes and Books and more Boxes

The house is now completely full of boxes of books. Probably over a years worth of boxes to go through and list, sort, sell, shelve, and so on. It was a great blessing to receive such a large supply but also an eye sore that will be with us for a while now. Deb can only go through and list about 50 books in a day, twice a week, it is just a very time consuming thing to do. The other days we have to package and ship said books that have sold. At least as far as inventory goes, we are greatly blessed.

Images Transfer Continues and Blogging

I am still trying to transfer over all my stored images on disc, to my large HDD. I can only do a few a day but I am cranking through them when I have time. I have about 75-100 CD/DVD's in total, which is I guess about 250 GB's of images to be moved over. I started working on the blog for my mother in-law, Georgia, which is where this journal blog got its start. I posted the first journal entry, Sunday, June 2, 1991, which should go through 3-4 years of posts, if I can keep up with it. I doing one journal entry per post, when I get a chance. Suddenly I have way more things to do than I have time to do.

A day I was finally able to get in a full walk about. I got in a full hour of walking at about 5 miles (and a little hoops as well). My daily walk, once around the beautiful trees of green now has the view below. I think they are finished clearing this one area, must be, not much left. They are supposed to replant at some point.

There is Work To Do Too

Of course, my daily routine of work items continues each day. This varies from day to day but I finished up some consulting work and hopefully will start to bid on some projects on Elance.