Mother's Hospital Room in Dallas :: Where Are We Wednesday

Today I planned to launch a new weekly post category that would give my readers a sense of where we are and what we are up to. We travel (or try to) quite a bit (or use to) and I wanted to be able to share photos and fun stuff about our trips.

Where Are We Wednesday - February 02, 2008

Interesting how life takes over and changes even the best laid plans. It turns out that I am posting this from my mother's hospital room. Yesterday, my mother had surgery to remove potentially cancerous cells from the wall of her brain (basically results form her last surgery when she had a brain tumor removed). The surgery went very well and she is now in the room, just as talkative as ever. She will be going home tomorrow and we will be heading back to Alabama on Friday.  As I mentioned above, this is her second such surgery (and hopefully the last) over the last two years.  The first came about when she and her husband were in Colorado and she flew back to Dallas.  This time she will have to go through chemotherapy and radiation once she heals from her surgery.

There are no photos to share this time, just relief and thanks to all those who have sent their wishes and have been praying for her.  Next Wednesday, we will be somewhere else, hopefully more relaxing and enjoyable.  How about anyone else who has traveled or is traveling on Wednesday.  Doesn't have to be something on this exact Wednesday, just let me know something exciting you did on "this" Wednesday, whenever and where ever you are on that day.