Moving Sailing Blogs Together and Moving On

This blog is a continuation of a blog started on the different sailboats we have had but the focus will now be on the S/V Island Zephyr, a Morgan Out Island 33, which we plan to take coastal cruising in and around Alabama, the Florida Keys, into the southern islands and perhaps up the East Coast by the end of hurricane season 2010-2011. Previous entries will be related to other sailboats and when we purchased, what was at the time, LAUGHALOT. Entries past this point will be on the preparation and maintenance of the [soon to be] s/v Island Zephyr to ready her for cruising.

[update 06-01-2008] Well, admitting defeat is not always a bad thing, we can't get the repairs going and do not have time to be able to spend restoring the boat to what it needs for a long water crossing.  We will spend some time camping and hopefully someone else will take the boat on and sail it like we wanted to ourselves.