Top 15 Stars of the Week, December 3

This was a busy week for me and I didn't get much posting done but my reader subscriptions were busy as ever. Looks like my feeds to a big jump this week to 498 feeds, but there were several added that were in a specific niche market for a website I am developing. If you are not familiar with this list, each Monday morning I create a list of the top 15 posts from my reader from last week. You can see the entire list from the footer in the center where it says "starred items". I am going to get right to the list since there were so many good articles posted last week.

Top 15 21 Stars of the week of Nov 26th to Dec 3rd

The Nasty Four-Letter Word That Keeps You From Writing

via Copyblogger by Brian Clark on 11/26/07

When it comes to the things that keep us from writing, you'll see the usual villains pop up. Lack of time is a big one, as are the various other life distractions that take us away from the keyboard.

Writing for Multiple Blogs

via Vandelay Website Design by Vandelay Design on 11/26/07

Many bloggers either own multiple blogs or they write for others as well as their own. Those who aren’t writing for other blogs are missing out on a great opportunity to gain exposure and network with influential bloggers. For a few months I was posting 5-6 times per

How My Blog Traffic Grew 20% During a 3-Week Vacation (or How to Take a Vacation Without Losing Traffic)

via ProBlogger Blog Tips by Darren Rowse on 11/27/07

This is a guest post from J.D. Roth. J.D. writes about smart personal finance at Get Rich Slowly. He has been blogging since 2001.

The summer doldrums — most bloggers fear them. It’s not just that traffic tends to be lower, but bloggers are people, too, and need to take vacations. Yet even when big-name bloggers take a break, their traffic falls. Imagine what things are like for mortals like us!

10 Variables of Article Readability

via Wayne Liew Dot Com by Wayne Liew on 11/27/07

Do you remember 10 Reasons You Are Not Getting Comments? One of the points in there will be your posts are just lousy. I have a habit of bloghopping around and I find that sometimes, it is not that a blog

Push Marketing V.S. Pull Marketing: Using Both Strategies to Promote Your Site

via Dosh Dosh - Making Money Online by Maki on 11/27/07

In business parlance, push-pull marketing refers to different ways of promoting a business model in order to reach a target market. In push marketing, you ‘push’ your content or product towards the audience which may or may not be aware of it.

21 Factors that Influence the First Impression of Your Website’s Visitors

via Vandelay Website Design by Vandelay Design on 11/27/07

When a new visitor comes to your website for the first time an initial impression will be formed pretty quickly. A good first impression will drastically increase the chances of that visitor returning again, and a

Earn 10% on Amazon Kindle Referrals

via The Official Amazon Associates Blog by The Amazon Associates Team on 11/29/07

The Associates program is excited to announce that Associates can now earn 10% in referral fees on the Amazon Kindle wireless reading device and Kindle Edition books.

The Economics of Blogging for Attention

via rksmythe's starred items in Google Reader by Bernard Lunn on 11/29/07

Earlier this week Alex Iskold wrote that there is no money for bloggers in the long tail, even if there is money from aggregating the long tail.

Google Fooling Around With Digg Style Voting

via John Chow dot Com by John Chow on 11/29/07

Read on both TechCrunch and BlogStorm that Google Labs is experimenting with a new feature that will let users vote search results up or down using a Digg style voting system.

5 Steps to Becoming a Better Blogger

via Vandelay Website Design by Vandelay Design on 11/29/07

All bloggers have room for improvement. Obviously, those who are new to blogging will typically have more to learn than those who have several years of experience, but we can all benefit by improving in these 5 areas.

SEO Expectations, Choose Your Own SERP and Blogger Burnout

via Bruce Clay, Inc. Blog by Lisa Barone on 11/29/07

Search Engine Optimization Expectations

Over at ClickZ, Steve Haar did a great job outlining some necessary SEO expectations and commitments that search marketers can use to help explain the SEO process to higher ups. His list includes

Build Some Traffic for Your Build a Niche Store

via Shoemoney - Skills To Pay The Bills by Guest on 11/28/07

ShoeMoney: Last week I wrote a post about using BANS to build your own niche store. I received a ton of questions about how to build traffic and many other questions. Ian contacted me at the same time to do a follow up to answer these questions

This time of year is when everyone starts to splurge money on physical items such as toys, clothing, and electronics. I have had my BANS (Build a Niche Store ) for a little over week

What’s Your Long-Term Blogging Strategy?

via Daily Blog Tips by Skellie on 11/29/07

Unless you have a staff of full-time writers, a professional designer, an existing audience you can leverage and money to pour into promotions, the process of becoming popular rarely happens

7 Warning Signs That You’re Drunk on Your Own Words

via Copyblogger by Jonathan Morrow on 11/29/07

This is a guest post from Jon Morrow.

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You sit down in the computer for a few minutes, hoping to whip up a quick blog post. Then an idea hits you. It’s vague at first, but it has a certain sparkle of possibility. You start constructing a post,

Why You Should Go Through the Trouble of Registering Your Copyright When Everyone Tells You That Your Work is Protected Automatically

via SEOmoz Daily SEO Blog by Sarah Bird, Esquire on 11/29/07

Posted by Sarah Bird, Esquire

May It Please the Mozzers, Apparently I'm on a bit of a copyright kick these days. Copyright is stuck in my head like an annoying song. Does this ever happen to you? No, seriously.

Have blog, but have other online businesses too

via by Ades on 11/29/07

If you notice, many successful bloggers do not rely on blogging alone for generating money on internet. In fact, their blogs are usually the secondary source of income for them

How Much Money Do Bloggers Earn Blogging?

via ProBlogger Blog Tips by Darren Rowse on 11/29/07

Earlier in the month I asked readers to share their blog earnings for the month of October. As usual this poll was a popular one with 3054 responses. I’ve run this survey previously so will compare the results

Blog Reviews - $10.00

via Day Job Nuker.Com by DayJobNuker on 11/28/07

My last two blog reviews which you can see here and here I did for free. I am now offering to review your blog or website for $10.00.

1) You will be allowed to pick the day of the week I post the review on.

Want To Quit the Day Job But Can’t Afford To? Maybe You Can…

via Caroline Middlebrook by Caroline Middlebrook on 11/30/07

I’m sure there are a great many people who want to quit their day jobs in order to start a business making money online, or perhaps some other business but they don’t have the funds to do it.

20 questions that clients ask before choosing a designer

via David Airey :: Graphic and Logo Designer by David Airey on 11/30/07

Choosing a designer can seem like a daunting task. You need to know if you can trust this person with the reputation of your company, because what they produce will, in many cases, give a potential customer their first impression of your business.

6 Easy Ways To Increase Your Comment Count

via Shoemoney - Skills To Pay The Bills by neilpatel on 11/30/07

Don’t you hate it when you write a great blog post and no one comments on it? Whether you have a few readers or thousands of readers reading your blog, it seems that many people are having trouble to get hundreds of comments.


A few more than 15 this week but sometimes that's how it goes. If you don't get a chance to read these great articles then just bookmark them for later reading. What were some of your favorite articles from this past week?