Google Adds Some Color to the Labels

Google Adds Color to LabelsI just noticed some color in my inbox? Have you yet? It looks like Google has added color labels to the "labels". It shows on one computer but not on another so it is probably an update to Gmail that will work its way through their system. Funny how just a little bit of color can add some excitement to your email. In the screen shot you can see a square box next to each label. You click the arrow and it gives you the color options you see in the image. At that point it shows everything in that label in the color you chose. Looks GREAT Google, thanks.

For those of us who use Gmail, and a lot of it, this is a welcome addition to the labels. I will finally be able to see just at a quick glance a highlight color for specific tags. I know everyone uses Gmail differently, but I use the "all mail" label most of the time and to see some color will be great.