What is the New Damascus Blog

Thank you for visiting the new Damascus blog. This blog was created using what is called a domain hack. In simple terms, that means I put together a domain name that does spell a common name or word by using the entire domain address and a subdomain (the letters prior to the actual domain name itself, in this case the letter "D"). To give you an idea of what the focus of this blog is intended to be, I have put together a type of mission statement on my about page and it is shown below. If you would like to know more about me, just follow the link.

Most of us go through life with a sense of purpose in being, I think. It can be displayed in many different forms of what we think our own purpose here in this world is to be, it can be with lived day to day with or without purpose and understanding, but eventually most of us come to a time when we are searching for those answers.

It is what we find when we are searching that is important. Just because you are already a Believer doesn’t mean you are going to know exactly what God’s purpose in your life is to finally be, that is up to God, but when we search for meaning in life, true contentment and happiness are ultimately found in the search, understanding, and commitment to our Lord.

We know this, yet as Believers in Christ we still ride a roller coaster of ups and downs where sometimes we are close to the Lord and sometimes far away. I often thought as a Christian if we weren’t always close to God all the time that there was something fundamentally wrong with our faith, or better yet, if our choices are different than those other Believers we know we aren’t true Christians. She drinks, he doesn’t, he has a tattoo, they baptist with to much water, they don’t use enough.

As Believers we still search for meaning to strengthen our faith, understand our doubts, fears, and even judgments of others. This doesn’t stop just because we accepted Christ as our Savior, they could become more pronounced. God made us all in His image, yet each one of us is different. Each of us has different ideas, beliefs even within our own faith, and direction we choose to take in our life.

This blog’s purpose is not to persuade anyone that one way of thinking is better than another but to learn more about God’s purpose for our lives. The one basic premise that we as Believers in Christ take is that He gave us the ultimate choice to make. Whether to choose Christ as our Savior or not. As a pastor once told me, everything else is just details.

Christ died for our sins, he rose again and is alive today, but it is up to us to accept that truth. Once we have accepted Christ of our own free will we are part of the body of Believers, everything else, although not unimportant, is just details.

I always look forward to interacting with my readers, so please be sure to leave a comment or follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/scottfillmer. I look forward to hearing from you.