Home Invasion or Plague of Ladybugs Has Arrived

I love ladybugs (or as Scott refers to them, manbugs). However, this is ridiculous! There are millions of them on every window, inside and out. This was the best shot I could get, but trust me, they are everywhere. On the bright side, we had NO mosquitoes this year so this is a wonderful alternative!

When I was little, and I found a ladybug, it was customary to release it after making a wish. Somewhat like blowing all the seeds off of a dandelion. Man, if that really worked, I could have anything and everything today!!

We have started to suck them up with a shop vac and slowly deposit them out in the yard somewhere but that just isn't going to do it at this point.  There really are just hundreds and hundreds of these lovely little lady bugs and they can creep and crawl into any tiny little crack anywhere and they are covering our bathroom and bedroom which are outside walls in the house.  They are cute, but this is a little rediculous.