Top 25 Stars of the Week, November 5

Top 25 Starred ItemsOk, so normally this is the top 15, but it has been an interesting week, and ended with just about everyone loosing around 50% of their subscribers (but not really) through a reporting error, so I thought I would just make this weeks post a top 25 instead. It seems the Google Feedfetcher and Feedburner had some reporting issues where the Google Feedfetcher dropped its reporting, and in doing so, dropped the subscriber numbers for many of the a-list bloggers. It dropped for the rest of us as well, but for those of us with such a small subscriber list compared to the larger traffic blogs, it doesn't "look" like it hurts as much as loosing 4,993 readers overnight. Of course the subscribers were not lost, it was only a reporting issues.

The buzz around the Page Rank Update is still sticking around, as it probably will for a long time, but the articles have become a little more broad, and interesting, over just the same my page rank got squashed type post. The BlogWorld Expo starts on Thursday in Las Vegas and looks to be a great weekend. I hope it is still in Vegas next year when I might be able to attend, but if you can make it this year it should be a great learning opportunity. So, on the last weeks starred items. If you are not familiar with this weekly post, each Monday I provide a list of the top 15 starred items from my Google Reader feeds. I do this as a light type of post for Monday's because, to me, everyone is still trying to recover from the weekend and get up to speed with missed work.

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Top 15 Stars of the week of Oct 29-Nov 5th

Sell Links That Google Will Like With ScratchBack

from Everybody Go To by Hyder

I’m testing out this new widget that lets me sell links that Google might actually like, it’s called ScratchBack. I discovered it while prowling the backdoor of the Internet.

The Next Version of Gmail Will Be Faster

from Google Operating System by Ionut Alex Chitu

At the Analyst Day event from October 24, Google didn't announce a lot of things, but it revealed what we can expect from a new version of Gmail that will launch soon:

7 Painful Reasons Your Customers Break Up With You

from Freelance Folder by Dave Navarro

You’ve heard it before: “It’s not you: It’s me.” Or perhaps you heard nothing at all, and the regular stream of customers who were once hot for you has slowed to a trickle.

Unofficial poll on Google Reader features

from Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO by Matt Cutts

Earlier this year, I was reading about 100 feeds in Google Reader. When I went on vacation for a few weeks, I cut back to about 30 feeds. But I thought I’d be smart about the 70 feeds that I stopped

7 Reasons People Subscribe to Your Blog

from BlogStorm

Are you struggling to build a large subscriber base for your blog? Do you have a severe case of subscriber envy when you see larger blogs attracting new readers as if by magic?

You Know You're In Touch With Your Inner Nerd When...

from Google Blogoscoped by Philipp Lenssen

1. You find yourself giggling at coincidental words appearing in captchas

2. When someone asks “how are you” you contemplate a precise answer

Treat Your Blog like a Business

from Blogging Experiment by Ben Cook

I can see the comments already. “My blog is just that, MY blog. It’s not a business!” or “If you treat a blog like a business you take all the fun out of it!”

6 Fatal Errors Of Money Making Blogs

from Wayne Liew Dot Com by Wayne Liew

“How To Make Money” is a very saturated niche in the world of blogging. Wayne Liew Dot Com is not a “How To Make Money” blog as I don’t specifically

"Eye-Fi" Wifi-Enabled SD Card Hits the Shelves

from Amazon Blog by Amazon Daily

Although their site seems to be down for some redesign and maintenance, the long-awaited Eye-Fi SD Card is finally shipping to retail

Weekend traffic is worthless to many bloggers?

from by Ades

Many bloggers had employed so called “speedlinking” during the weekends. Speedlinking is a process of posting many links, asking your blog readers to read them during the weekend,

Plan for the Holidays Nice and Early By Analyzing Search Trends

from SEOmoz Daily SEO Blog by rebecca

Posted by rebecca

Happy Halloween, everyone! We here at SEOmoz are all dressed as internet marketers! Wheee! Did you adequately prepare for the holiday?

Research: Long Tail of Google's Search Results Dominated by Doorway Pages & Other Spam

from Aaron Wall's SEO by Aaron Wall

The people from SEO Digger recently put together some research on search spam. Some of the terminology they use (like using the word illicit) is inaccurate, but the trends they discovered align

Selling Commodity Services: Controlling Cost vs Adding Value

from Aaron Wall's SEO by Aaron Wall

One theory of web marketing starts off with controlling cost. Where you try to find what works right now, and do exactly what is needed to get to the level of success you want to reach. The theory

I Got Kicked Out Of A Casino

from Day Job Nuker.Com by DayJobNuker

If you have read any of this blog before, you might know that I play poker from time to time. Poker has been one of my “income streams” for the last 20 years. I used to play

Why "Do Not Track" is Stupid

from Andy Beal's Marketing Pilgrim by Andy Beal

Reuters reports that a group of privacy and consumer organizations have asked the FTC to create a "do not track" list for internet users who want to opt-out of any ad-behavior tracking.

[Closed] 6 Month Old Established Blog For Sale

from SitePoint Marketplace - Established Sites For Sale

$150-$400 monthly revenue, 2k monthly uniques, 100 RSS readers -- Ryan Shamus dot Com is a blog based on offering tips, tricks, and insights to making money online,

BlogWorld & New Media Expo Session Schedule

from Bruce Clay, Inc. Blog by Lisa Barone

‘Tis the time to tell you where I’m going to be and when for next week’s BlogWorld. Are you excited? I am. It will be my first-ever BlogWorld conference and my first time in Vegas. Trouble Lots of hard

John Chow dot Com October 2007 Income Report

from John Chow dot Com by John Chow

It’s the start of a new month and that means it’s time once again for the highly anticipated blog income report. I have tell you know, sometimes I need to pinch myself to make sure all this isn’t

Sometimes You Should Look Past Nofollow

from Blogging Tips by dazzlindonna

Ask any SEO if they want a nofollowed link to their site and what do you think their answer will be? Do you think they’ll refuse the link?

Story Behind The Sale Of Blogging Fingers

from Blogging Fingers by Matt Jones

I’m sure some of you will be sick of hearing about the sale of Blogging Fingers (somehow I am!) while others still want to be drip-fed more details. I’m going to put the latter out of your misery by

Rare Interview With Darren Rowse Of Problogger

from Ryan Shamus dot Com by Ryan Shamus

Continuing the interviews I’ve lined up for this week on Ryan Shamus dot Com, I just couldn’t wait any longer to post this one with Darren Rowse of

How I Lost 4,993 RSS Subscribers Overnight

from John Chow dot Com by John Chow

Many have noticed that my RSS counter took a nose dive to 8,701 from 13,694 the night before. How did that happen? Did I really lose 4,993 subscribers in one day? The answer is no. I’m justing

20 Tips For A Personal Blog Success [Part 1]

from Wayne Liew Dot Com by Wayne Liew

When we talk about personal blog, we don’t talk about search engine optimization, we don’t talk about niche and we don’t talk about search engine traffic. Most of the blogging guides will somehow

The Adsense Check for $132,994.97

from Shoemoney - Skills To Pay The Bills by ShoeMoney

About once every other day I get a question about the AdSense Check in my Gallery. I originally posted the check in this thread. Its most visited page on (behind the main page course) with 1-2k unique visits per day.

35 Guaranteed Ways To Increase Your RSS Subscribers

from Newest on the Net by Fred

I know you want to increase the number of people who subscriber to your blog. In this article I provide 35 guaranteed ways to increase your

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What did you star this week? Were any of these on your list?