Contests are Great? Get a Favicon Free for One Month

Contest Winner at AdesBlogDo you like the different contests that some bloggers use on their sites? It can be a good way to network with other blogs, increase traffic to your site, and increase traffic to the winning site as well. The only question I have is how the big G sees "contests" and how it ultimately effects your traffic or rankings. There seems to be some speculation that it is harmful to your rankings. In a recent post, Should “Weekly Top5 Sites Contest” continue?, a drop in page rank is starting to ask the question as to the relevancy or helpfulness of "contests" on your blog. I am going to leave most of that is for a different post, so in this post, who cares, everyone likes to win something, sometime, right? I try to keep this blog on topic most of the time, and since my stated tagline is about eCommerce and online business, I did want to point out that you can take this approach with your online store as well.

About Coupons and Door Prizes

Our company has run many different contests, for years, and found them to be very effective tools, in person, or online. On a recent group my wife, DK, is running, she decided to do a give-a-way in the manner of door prizes. Her group went from a few hundred members to end at over 2,000 before she closed the group. The prizes are given away weekly, and most of them were donated by other members of the group, so she didn't even have to supply the door prizes.

They were good prizes too. Merchandise that her customers would have to spend $50 or so to buy at the local market store, so make them something worth while as well, not just a gesture seen as a marketing ploy, make it count. I wouldn't suggest doing a coupon for a $1.00 or something like that. Although most customers will take anything they can get, it isn't enough of an incentive to move in the direction you want. If you think you can't afford to give away a certain percentage of your revenue, perhaps you should first look at your business plan instead. These costs should be associated with your marketing budget anyway.

I Won. See It does Work

I recently won two contests, one without even knowing it until I visited the other blog. One was on Blogging Experiment, Reader Discussion: Are Bloggers Journalists?, and another one, Get 1 week of free advertising on, which I guess I won the one free week since I see my link on the side, cool.

Everyone likes to win something every once in a while. It creates interest, and besides its fun. If you have read any of my top ten lists at all, that is always number ten, have fun. So see, with a contest you can just skip all the other bunk and go right for fun. It works in their favor too. I have now mentioned both of the above blogs several times on several different posts, so it also works the way they want it to as well.

Comments Anyone?

So I am taking the plunge anyway and giving away one free month of advertising on my favicons on the sidebar to the right, large or small size (16x16 or 26x26), your choice, picked by random. If you or your company does not have a favicon or a large size square graphic, I will even create it for you. Just post a quick critique comment below on this particular blog. Since my blog is relatively new, I do not get a lot of feedback, so give me a, quick, honest critique of how its going so far and I will pick the winner out of all the responses. If I get more than 10 comments, I will pick two winners.

Favicon Link on chipseoI am not going to pick the one who says "everything looks great", it will be random, so positive or negative, just leave me a quick overview of whatever you think about chipseo, it is that easy. Since this post is going up on the weekend I will leave it open for comments until Monday, October 29th and pick the winner or winners at that point. Try to offer a coupon or door prize on your online store and see how it works as well. Be sure to use some method you can track so you can judge its effectiveness, try not to make it something that your customers will not care anything about, make it count. If you don't get the results you wanted, try something else, something bigger perhaps, don't just give up after the first try because you didn't get the results you wanted.

So, how about it. Post a comment below and your in the list.