Using Worpress Next Random Blog Feature in Admin Page

Wordpress Random BlogHow many features and options have you used on Worpress? There are a lot of options and features that Wordpress has put into the program and I try to go as deep into the code and options as I can, without really messing something up, to get to know the ins and outs of Wordpress. I came across one I sometimes forget is there, but it is great fun. Have you ever used the Worpress next function? It is very similar to Blogger's next blog feature where you click the button and it pulls from a random blog in their system. I actually didn't know that Worpress had a similar feature, located at, where it redirects to a random Wordpress blog, until I looked at my stats page one day. Wordpress Random Blog

This feature is located in your blog admin pages, on the dashboard, then the stats page (be sure you are logged into your Wordpress account). There in the upper right corner you will find a link to the random blog. Once you click on the random blog it redirects to the url above with a tool bar where you can view the next random blog, view a random post from the blog you are viewing, and a few other options.

There are several different sites that do this kind of random find, StumbleUpon being one, and MyBlogLog is a good one too. MyBlogLog is not really a random blog finder but you can really chase a rabbit by using the recent readers widget so I consider it to be close to a random find. Be sure to join my community while you are looking over the MyBlogLog readers, then just follow the links in the readers widget and see where it takes you.

When you need some time just to relax, give it a try, you never know what you are going to find. The number of blogs that are completely off the topics we normally read are incredible and I find it interesting to see what others are interested in as well.