Top 15 Stars of the Week, October 22

Top 10 Stared Items ImageAre you a list junkie like me? I love top 10 lists, top 25 lists, whatever, I love the readability and the resources they provide. I try not to do to many top lists but decided to start a weekly one here for my stared items of the previous week. Each Monday I put together a list of the top 15 starred items from the previous week that have caught my attention or I want to go back and read again. These articles are all published throughout the previous week that I am pulling feeds from into my feed reader. This is a little bit different list than my shared items list which is mostly seo and marketing type posts, my stared items come from a growing list of 300+ feeds that are updated each week. You can always subscribe to my stared feed (or just view the stared page) but each Monday I will publish a list of the top 25 starred items from the previous week (if there are that many). If you don't utilize the stared or shared items feature (if you are using Google reader) it is a very handy way to mark something of interest that you may not have time to read right away.

Stared items by default are not public, you have to change the private settings, but your shared items are always a public feed. I really enjoy reading other peoples stared and shared items because we all have such different interests that they are bound to be items on someone else's list that we don't have on ours, and for one reason or another, can't find.

I have to give credit for the idea of the stared items list to Randy Smythe who provides his stared items in a feed also. While a feed from a reader is nothing new, the stared items list was new to me, thanks. Below is the link to the post, a link to the actual site, and a snipit about each post.

Next Monday I will not have all the commentary listed above, just the top 15 of the previous week.

Top 15 Stars of the week of October 14-24nd

[$520] - Original Design, Content. 400 Uniques per Day.

via SitePoint Marketplace - Established Sites For Sale on 10/15/07

Custom WP Design, Custom WP Admin, Unique Articles, Generated Profits -- ** Uniques Visitors & Pageviews above are estimated for the month based on the sites existence (5 days) Up for sale is SE

[$30] - Original content, 5,000+ visitors in the past 30 days

via SitePoint Marketplace - Established Sites For Sale on 10/15/07

Religious site with sermons, original content, not monetized -- Up for sale is, the domain and website. The site was established in January 2006 and the domain is good

The DayJobNuker Interview on

via Day Job Nuker.Com by DayJobNuker on 10/15/07

I was interviewed by Andrew at! Check out my interview right here. It is podcast #71 and my interview begins at the 4:50 mark of the podcast.

Bookfinder - find and compare book prices

via by Ades on 10/14/07

If you can’t find a book in Amazon then this should be your next alternative. Because it has over 125 million books registered in the system.

The Top 77 Mistakes New Bloggers Make

via Sphinn: Hot Topics by on 10/15/07

Nice list of all those things you do that screw up your blogging. Don't think this about marketing? Blogging is one of the best marketing tools you can use online when done correctly.

Ebay Blogs Roundup

via Mark Kenny's Blog by Mark Kenny on 10/14/07

Like many of you, I also enjoy reading other blogs related to eBay and online auctions and in order to share a few interesting articles with you, I’ve decided to make this post a brief summary of what’s happening elsewhere on the web.

How to create interactive PDF forms

via David Airey :: Graphic Designer by David Airey :: Graphic Designer on 10/14/07

When dealing with clients, a designer should gather as much information as possible before beginning a new project. One way to collect important client info is to provide online questionnaires, like the logo design questionnaire on my hire page.

How To Use Craigslist To Test Affiliate Products

via Day Job Nuker.Com by DayJobNuker on 10/16/07

About 6 months ago I was looking at Clickbank for a new affiliate product to promote. I saw a couple for tattoos and thought I would give one of them a shot.

69 Tools to Monitor, Measure, and Track Your Website

via Vandelay Website Design by Vandelay Design on 10/15/07


  1. SEOmoz Page Strength Tool - A useful tool that gives an overall look at the strength of a page.
  2. Sitening’s SEO Analyzer - See if your pages are structured to achieve high search engine rankings.

Find All My Domain Names

via Aaron Wall's SEO - by Aaron Wall on 10/16/07

Some of my domain names were registered as a joke ( was a bet against Andy Hagans), and it wouldn't be hard to register domains in the name of another person.

Sunday Morning Update

via One Penny Project by Michael Heindel on 10/14/07

I was debating about only posting Monday thru Friday and taking the weekends off. What I will probably do is just post on weekends if I have time.

MillionDollarWiki: Not A Great Company To Work With

via Connected Internet by Everton on 10/14/07

Last month I wrote a sponsored review about the MillionDollarWiki who are selling Wiki pages for $100 each. So far 1035 have been sold, generating $103,500 in income.

Reader Discussion: Are Bloggers Journalists?

via Blogging Experiment by Ben Cook on 10/18/07

One of the major stories in blogging this week was the US House of Representatives passing legislation that, according to a CNet article, “would shield journalists–and some bloggers–from being forced to reveal confidential sources in federal cases.

What Does Your Website Say About You?

via Vandelay Website Design by Vandelay Design on 10/17/07

Immediate opinions and impressions are formed the moment a new visitor arrives at your website. Even though the first impression comes within just a few seconds, ...

Selling On Ebay - Don’t Be Intimidated

via Day Job Nuker.Com by DayJobNuker on 10/17/07

You can see my Ebay name and feedback in the graphic to the left. Almost all that feedback was obtained over a two year period where I was positively addicted to Ebay.