Reaching a Set Goal and Working on Others

Alexa Ranking for Scott FillmerI have have an upcoming article I wrote on goals, 10 Ways to Set Goals for Your Online Business, that will be ready to post next week, but in the process I have reached a milestone goal of my own for this blog, and I also thought I would list 10 goals of my own I set for and what progress has been made. I consider milestone goals something very obtainable and a way to see movement in the desired direction, and also something to recognize along the way. Although this blog is new, I set a few goals for it that I wanted to reach in a relatively short time period, and although it isn't the greatest determination of traffic, this week reached its first Alexa ranking of 1,026,512 835,454. Yes, I know... nothing at all to write home about, much less putting into a blog post, but this is the first ranking on Alexa it hit, and it hit this with the domain registration 14 days old.

The stated focus of my blog has been eCommerce and online small business, but I do think it is important to set some goals, and actually see if and when you achieve them. Some of my short term traffic ranking goals for blog are listed below.

  • Getting indexed by Google and Yahoo - reached in 6 hours of the domain registration
  • Technorati Ranking - as of this article it reached 1,072,771
  • Google and Yahoo Inbound Links - some but not a lot
  • 100 RSS Subscription Readers - only 10 at this point (go ahead, subscribe here)
  • $10 a Day in Advertising Revenue - still working on it, about $2/day
  • Posting One High Quality Content Post a Day - so far so good, I think
  • Receive Comments or Feedback for each article - just about nothing on this goal so far (how about it)
  • Staying Focused on my readers, eCommerce and Business articles - working on it
  • Have Fun (always my #10) - it has been very hard work, but enjoyable

I would love to hear what goals you have set for your blog or business. A Google page rank was not in the list as I don't think it is realistic at this point, and it might not be "operational" as it has been in the past anyway. These I listed above are of course some of my very short term goals for this site, so how about yours? Is everyone just tired of reading goal oriented content or blogging about blogging? I know blogging about blogging isn't my favorite topic, but it is nice to see some goals put down in writing, and how close you are to achieving those goals.

Look for my upcoming article on 10 ways to set goals for your business.