Update: What is With the rel=nofollow Penalty

Akismet Comment Spam[Before I start, let me just preface this with saying to those seasoned SEO's or webmasters, there is probably nothing below you aren't already aware of, I just wanted to update my previous post with this information.] Well, just hours after I wrote the article, What is With the rel=nofollow Penalty, I am now getting comment spammed like never before on a post, and although Akismet caught some of them, it let others through (see screen shot below) as all were really just deemed a trackback. I also now have all these blog sites with my exact title and a two sentence exert from my original post (a typical trackback), but some of these blogs are spam blogs less content rich blogs. I guess this sort of proves some of my points in the article, and also Google's desire to rid the sites that game Google.

Just for fun I ran a few of these sites that did get through Akismet through the bad neighborhood checker and the results told the story. The one screen shot below in pink shows my title duplicated, then in the upper right what you can't see is another link just like that one that goes to a page just like that one. The other "advertising" site is a little different, it is a trackback to my original article, but says it was written by Current Affairs.

None of this is really surprising, but it does show a point of why Google and the other search engines are trying to combat this spam paid link problem. I don't think it is an issue with paid links, it is just another form of spam a good trackback system setup to farm clicks, isn't it?

Bad Neighborhood Link Check

Notice the link used is the exact same link as the title in my previous post, but with a missing "=" sign, and my url is actually different because I manually put in the slug to see how other sites would pick up the url and re-post. Most of the results came back as a link farm and one actual .com I found mentioned had already been taken down by their hosting company.

Blogging Spam

Blogging Link Spam

Like I said in the beginning, none of this should be a surprise to anyone I guess, but some keywords and links will bring out the best and prove your point to some degree. I am also probably missing some obvious points here that someone else would know, if so, please point them out, I would love to here from someone other than a comment spam.