eBay PayPal and Yahoo Join Forces

To fight phishing emails. It seems that the three companies came to an agreement (perhaps not quite as hard for ebay and paypal since they are both owned by eBay but who knows) to fight the phishing email problem that ebay users are constantly bombarded by from the moment they join. I use to get these emails and think I would never fall for that, but the emails have gotten so sophisticated in their attempts to scam you that it is hard for even seasoned people to tell the difference, and I even admit to clicking on one when I got lazy and didn't read the email close enough. There sounds more to it than just the normal press release this time, they are incorporating some anti-spamming techniques used by yahoo to remove the message before they are even delivered to your spam folder, so perhaps it will make a difference, that would be great.

It took me all of about 30 seconds to find a phishing email addressed from eBay, and that was because I actually had to sign into a different email account to check. The screen shot below is typical and I receive these every day. Perhaps this merger of sorts will help, but most likely they will find another way, that usually do. Part of the original post from eBay's Chatter addressing the joint venture (so-to-speak) is below, here is the link to the Paypal press release post.

eBay, PayPal and Yahoo! are partnering to reduce dangerous Phishing emails Domain_keys_2 eBay, PayPal and Yahoo! have joined forces to reduce the number of phishing emails that eBay and PayPal members get. All emails from eBay and PayPal have a digital signature (a bit of code that spammers can’t replicate). Yahoo! Mail will now check all emails claiming to come from eBay or PayPal for this digital signature. If you use Yahoo! Mail for your eBay or PayPal activity, you will receive only genuine email from eBay and PayPal in your inbox, because authentic emails will have the correct digital signature. However, a phishing email that is pretending to be from eBay won't have the digital signature, and so Yahoo! Mail will automatically prevent it from reaching your inbox. This is a huge victory in the ongoing battle against phishing.

For now, this effort will help only our members who use Yahoo! Mail, although we hope to form similar partnerships with additional ISPs in the future. (Read more about this project on PayPal's blog. )

Speaking of phishing emails, remember these important safety tips:

Please -- don't get Phished! An email from your bank, PayPal, eBay or another institution that asks for you contact information or for your immediate response is fishy – or possibly PHISHY! Here are some steps to take:

  1. Stop. Don't rush to reply or take action – even if the request is really urgent sounding.
  2. Look. Read the text several times, and ask yourself why this information or call to action is necessary.
  3. Check. Check My Messages for an eBay email, or contact PayPal customer support.
  4. Forward. Forward any suspicious emails to us at spoof@ebay.com and spoof@PayPal.com.

This image below shows a typical email received to me as being sent from ebay.

eBay Phishing Email