A Fast Google Indexing Domain Test

Google Index of ChipSEO.com WOW, that was quick super fast. Well, there is the answer to my test to see how long it would take Google to index my new site, completely new url and domain name for this blog. It took less than 6 hours. Now being in the business we are in, I totally understand that indexing it totally different than a Google pagerank or Alexa ranking (which I would expect to show no data yet) of course, but you have to admit that was pretty fast.

The total time elapse from registering the new domain name to indexing was less than 12 hours total. In fact, the cashed page that Google has is one that was taken before I added my theme to the site, and that was the first thing I did. The three screen shots posted below are taken of the indexing that Google did at 17:50 on October 2nd, 2007.

The registration information for the domain:

Domain Name: CHIPSEO.COM Created on: 02-Oct-07 Expires on: 02-Oct-08 Last Updated on: 02-Oct-07

I would like to hear from others that may have tried this and would like to know what their results were as well. Post your comments and let me know. I will update this post later with some of the information I used to create the data.

Google Index of ChipSEO.com

Google Index of ChipSEO.com

Google Index of ChipSEO.com

So far there is no other search engine that I can find that has indexed this site as of this writing, Google seems to be the only one so far. Now I just need to see how long it will take to get a PR7, I am guessing a year or more (probably more), but a PR2 or PR3 would be nice in a few months time. We will see.