Test Google Search Engine Indexing

ChipSEO.com on GoogleI decided to move my blog and all its contents and everything that goes along with it to a new domain, now http://www.chipseo.com, to give it a better match of content to search structure for our company (Island Zephyr). Now, we can do a good market test to see how long it takes for Google and Yahoo to index our site and start pulling in all new traffic. Starting over again was a big gamble but in the end I think it will pay off with better results. In the mean time, this will be a good test to see how long it will take for the search engines to index this url site and start to get steady traffic again. I have actually been blogging for many years, so don't let the short dates of content on this site confuse you. Our company is dedicated to providing good reliable information for those who sell online and are interested in using multiple sales channels to sell their products or services.

I will post the results soon and let you know what steps I took to get the new url into the search engines. For this test I am really just using common sense SEO work and a few links. I have setup so many domains, urls, and shopping cart systems but have never actually looked at the time it took to get the pages indexed. We will see now.