Changing Your Blog Sometimes Means a New Theme

New SEO Wordpress ThemeWell, as I usually do, I have moved on to another theme (called fallseason) that I think better fits my blog and content. Although a majority of my posts are related to ham radio I do have many other interests like photography and small business, and I wanted to move to a design that was a little cleaner and one that I could customize a with different topics over time. I also wanted to have a design that was a little more Firefox friendly since that is the browser many bloggers use (including me). Much of my research for online stores or resource utilization comes from many different SEO sources like some of those from SEObook, Blogoscoped, and several more . To have your site seen by others you not only need good content, links, updates, design, but you also need to employ good SEO techniques and I will post some of my findings here if I find them to be of interest to my readers (of course theoretically that should be anyone who is interested in promoting their website).

In the mean time, I hope you like the new layout. If you have any comments please post them below.

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