Taking the First Amature Radio Test, What a Ham

I took my Ham Radio license exam, Technician class, about three weeks ago and passed on the first try (thank goodness). We have been waiting for my call sign to be issued and now it is official, I can finally use on the air KI4WLR.  I installed another antenna on the house and now we are just trying to figure out the first radio to purchase so I can put this new license to good use. The house is beginning to look like a NASA station of some sort. I can't wait until we put up the tower. That should be a blast. Along with the antenna installation we went ahead and got an ICOM 2-meter band radio to start off with.  The range of the 2-meter with the antenna installed seems to be very good so far.  We have been able to listen to people from north Alabama over to Atlanta and into Mississippi.  The 2-meter antenna sits pretty high on our property.  Our house is one of the highest points, the roof line itself is almost at the tree line, then add a 20 foot mast and the range from here is quite astounding (to me).

Don't know what's next but I am looking forward to the ride.

Ham Radio Test

Scott with Ham License