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Welcome to my new marketing blog.


Welcome to the Scott Fillmer site where you can find Practical ecommerce marketing across multiple sales channels. I specialize in eCommerce consulting, utilization of Internet resources, SEO, graphical/logo design, business content writing, and marketing for multiple sales channels. I have successfully sold a large array of products and services online since 1993 when I used Miva Merchant’s very first shopping cart release, and I now offer the information I have gained to you.

About Me

I am a licensed amateur radio operator, (KI4WLR), a photographer for the last 15 years, and an online business owner since 1993. I do consulting work with Internet marketing resources, seo, traffic utilization, logo/graphics design, and to help others who want to make a living on the Internet full time like my wife and I have for the past 10 years. I author several blogs and write reviews and technical content for other websites and blogs.

About My Business

Along with selling our own invented and manufactured products, my wife and I sold exclusively on eBay for almost 5 years where we were top power sellers in our category, and PESA members, while still maintaining 100% positive feedback. In the past year we sold our craft related business, Pieces of the Past. We formed a new company, Island Zephyr, as a multi layered company focused on utilizing the Internet to earn a living. We also started a book business and currently sell thousands of books online.

Along with used books, I also do consulting work for small businesses. I Focus specifically in the area of helping start-up businesses find a presence online, how to market their products (or find a product), by using an online marketing and eCommerce systems, through the shipping and fulfillment, the order process, graphics and logo development, and some basic website design, and content writing specifically in the business fields.

Contact Me / Company Information

If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them. You can send me an email scott.islandzephyr [at] gmail.com or if you would like to leave a message on my office voice mail please call 215-243-7934 any time you like.

If you would like any of my consulting, design, or writing services please review the other pages on my chipseo.com blog for specific details or contact me and I will be happy to discuss any of your company’s needs. Please address any correspondence to:

Island Zephyr, 300 N Dean Rd Ste 5 #124, Auburn, AL 36830