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You Reached the End? Find More Ways to Monetize Your Blog

You have reached the very last article post on this blog (or more technically correct, the very first post ever made). So, have you read it all yet? Below you will see a list of the most recent blog posts, there might be a few you haven't read yet. This particular article is a bookend post. Do you have one? Sometimes a search can be made or page used for the very last page on your blog, like this one. When someone searches your blog by monthly categories or by page number, this is the last page they come to, make the page useful and provide information to bring the visitor back into the blog, not simply the first post every made.

Please be sure to leave me a comment if you have any questions or observations. I try to make this blog useful for my readers, so your input is greatly needed.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoyed my blog.

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