We Recieve a Huge Book Delivery Today for Inventory Sales

harvest1.jpg We had 8 of these pallets of books donated to us today. Man do we have our work cut out for us now. There are boxes of books all over the house. We are so grateful for our blessings.  This is the start of a huge amount of work to catalog and index each of these books along with writing the condition for each one, cleaning them up and getting them ready to sell on Amazon.  We have been looking for a good book supplier for quite a while now and it looks like we may have just found that and right here in our own city.

We searched several distributors, wholesale sellers, even reclaims, and the post office auctions, which occur once a month in Atlanta.  The book business is a crazy business to be in right now and it is almost impossible to find books at a price low enough to sell, but when you donate your time 20-30 hours a week and find a place that sells them cheap enough right to the public, it looks like it might work for us for now.