John Deere Tractor is Cutting Grass in April Where's Spring?

Lawn mowing, winter style Spring weather was here at our house just long enough to make the dogwoods bloom and the grass start growing. Now it is dry and cold again. (35-40 degrees at night). The grass did get tall enough to cut though and Scott, trooper that he is, decided to test out his dad's new John Deere lawn tractor.  I am not sure how thrilled his dad was seeing that we have a yard full of big boulderous rocks, but here is Scott as viewed from my office window.

Problem was that his head was cold. Here is his solution to the problem. Is this proper attire for winter lawn mowing????  He decided to dawn his full winter jacket, and his motorcycle gear.  Gloves, face mask, and full face helmet.  Spring will arrive soon and we will soon be complaining about how hot it is here in the southern part of Alabama, just like we do each year, but today it is cold.