Cleaning Catalina Sailboat Sails with Mold and Algae

Boys and their toys The power of water propelled at high velocity is truly amazing. This past weekend we purchased a power washer so that we would be able to continue our clean up of the boat here at home where we left off at the car wash. The results were astonishing. The boat is so much prettier than it was before. Once the inside is washed photos will be posted. In the meantime, look how nice the main sail turned out. Scott laid it on our patio and power washed it. You can see where he had washed compared to where he had not.

I will say that it is probably not the most perfect way to clean a main sail, jib, head sail, or anything that has a fabric or fiber material as it will weaken the overall strength of the material. We decided to clean the sails like this since they had so many seasons already and most likely would not be used for any competitive racing on this Catalina.

Main Sail