Time To Leave on a Road Trip // California or Bust

I have had others tell me through the years that things seem to happen so fast in our world. Scott and I are not only very busy in general, we tend to make ourselves available and move quite quickly when opportunity presents itself. We embrace change. We have been working on trying to consolidate and sell our remaining Swarovski bead inventory and that portion of the business that pertains to it. After two attempts with two different prospective buyers fell through we were just beginning the process of dissecting the business and selling it in pieces when we were contacted by a third party and they offered to purchase the entire thing. We replied to the offer with the package price as well as the additional offer to deliver the merchandise in person and train the buyer, provided our expenses were paid. They accepted and cut us a check.

Whoopee!! Now, California is not one of my favorite places in the world, but Las Vegas is. So, we leave on Sunday, March 16 for Las Vegas, Nevada en route to the Mojave desert where we will drop off the beads and supplies, do some training, and pick up the remaining $$.$$. We are taking the bikes so we can ride in Vegas, up and down the Pacific Coast Highway, and any other place we end up. Our route home has not been determined yet so stay tuned.