Sailboat Trailer Restoration [After]

We had to finish the trailer restoration in time to pull the boat out of it's slip by 11-30-06 when the slip rental expired. The remaining painting, winch installation, and tire replacement went pretty smoothly and this is what she looks like now. We are now back down at the marina where we will pull out the Catalina 22 we purchased for the first time. It will be interesting to see what the bottom looks like after 5 years on the water without anyone touching it at all, I expect, slimy.

To restore the trailer we used a Rust-o-leum burgundy color which looks nice but was not that easy to find. It took about 3-4 full coats to cover over the white but it should be good now for a few years. It took about a week to completed and cost about $300 in parts [new winch, paint, 2 new tires].