Purchase of a Slightly Used 1972 Catalina 22 at $1,000 for Restoration

We purchased our Catalina 22 from a gentleman in Auburn, AL. Prior to the purchase we went out to Lake Martin to look it over a couple of times and take some photographs. Here is what she looks like in her slip today, 9-15-2006.  The plan is to haul her out and bring her home around the 12th of November 2006 and begin work on her restoration. You can see from the photos that she has been sitting here quite a while. From all we can tell she has been sitting on the lake here for the better part of 5 years. At least it was fresh water. There is a lot of work to be done.

First stop in November is going to be a car wash if we can ever get it up on a trailer. It is a good hull, and one that many Catalina owners love to use for racing, so it should clean up real well. We will see I guess.