Another Lucy!

What's a farm without animals, I ask? (Dad says it's 'perfect'!) We now have temporary custody of yet another Lucy. Nancy (Chris's mom) asked us to puppy sit her stray houseguest for the weekend while she was at work. The puppy's name is Lucy and she came for the weekend and is still here. (Imagine that). Chris is training her to be a guard dog. Her first day on the job guarding the ducks she grabbed George by the throat. She attempted to guard Lucy (the goat) but Lucy didn't feel she needed guarding so she lowered her head and made a brief charge at Lucy (the dog).

Ah well. The first day on the job is always the toughest. She has learned not to chase the ducks and is terrified of the (electrified) goat fence. (Everyone has to learn that one the hard way). She has taken to sleeping on the front step at night guarding the door and (hopefully) looking out for predators. She appears to have a brain, or Chris would have sent her packing Sunday night.

Duck update: After Flower's demise we lost Duncan the next night and Quacker the following night. We released the ducks in a desperate attempt to keep them from becoming 'sitting ducks'. We have gone a week now with no deaths and the ducks have even had the good manners to stick around. We are down to three (George, Mac, and Brownie). With luck, they will not all be of the same gender; they will stick around until spring, and they will bear some off spring to make up for the other 7 that have gone to the next life. If all three of those things happen, count it as a true miracle from God.

Blessings to all. -The Marchios