Rest in Peace... Flower

Let us all draw upon our fond memories of Flower to help us through this difficult time. How can I possibly put into words how much Flower has meant to us these past three weeks? Has she actually been here a whole three weeks yet? Well, she is off to meet her maker and quacking and swimming freely for all eternity. (I'm sure there is a cryastal lake in heaven just for ducks). Flower, you may recall, was Martha's duck. She is grieving in her own precious way. Mom pulled up for a visit this morning and Martha promptly announced, "Flower's dead. Someone ate him"!

The investigation into this murderous family rampage has just begun and we will keep you posted when we are able to identify the assailant. In the mean time, you might say a quick prayer for the remaining 5!

Blessings from the Marchios