Alabama Heat // From the Marchio's House

Ahhhhhhh! Alabama in July! The heat, the humidity, the mosquitoes... what more could anyone want? Except perhaps air conditioning. As we celebrated the Fourth of July with family and friends we were reminded of days gone past. Yes, those were the good old days... weren't they? Perhaps I should dig up an almanac to check the heat and humidity ratings from 150 years ago. I know when this house was built it had no air conditioning and yet people continued to live here. I'm sure they loved this house as much as I do; and likely they were even hotter than I am. At least I have the power of fans to circulate the heat and give the illusion of cooler air.

As many of you know the AC went out in our car a few weeks ago. We took it into the shop to have it fixed (which luckily only took 2 weeks!) and our AC in the house promptly died. Perhaps the Lord wants to remind us of the blessings of living in the USA where AC is the norm. After all, I could be living in South America with more heat, worse humidity, and mosquitoes the size of my head.

Well, until the Lord sends the funds to fix the AC I think I will just count my blessings- like Isaac. Here sits my sweet happy 6 month old. He is braving the heat by running a fever and an ear infection. Chris has dressed him in the appropriate attire for avoiding heat stroke... a onesie and a wet cloth on the head! Happy Fourth of July from the Marchios! - Sarah