The Beginning of the Fillmer / Marchio Family Blog

Hello and welcome to the Fillmer / Marchio family blog. This weekend was an eventful one full of activity. Chris, Gabriel and Jacob went to North Carolina to visit Scott and Deborah at the RV park where they were staying. Everyone had such a great time and there was never a pause in the action until bedtime. Scott and Deborah set up the tent and got the campfire ready to light.

The Marchios arrived on Friday evening and were greeted with hotdogs for dinner and smores by the campfire for dessert.

Saturday was a full day of boating. Everyone went out on the sailboat "Jackpot" for a couple of hours of sailing.

Then it was back to the campground for lunch and out on the river with the Sea Doo for the guys. Deborah stayed at home and enjoyed some quiet sewing time.

Jacob and Chris

Gabriel and Scott

See ya later

Fishing was the next activity of the day. Jacob brought the worms and Scott helped the boys bait their hooks.

Gabriel caught a fish!

Whoa! That is what Gabriel said when he lit the campfire for the evening.

Sunday morning came all too soon and after breakfast the guys were off in a flash to see the lighthouses on the Outer Banks. First stop: Bodie Lighthouse on Pea Island.

Wow that is tall!

Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge

Lighthouses are nice, but the boys really just wanted to play in the waves, so it was off to the beach they went.

Look at the hole Gabriel dug.

Where is Jacob? He is way down the beach looking for shells. Can you see him? This is a little like where's Waldo.

All that fun in the sun and still more exciting things to see. Cape Hatteras lighthouse was the final destination before heading home.

After so much excitement in one weekend a fella can get a little wiped out. Gabriel is sharing sleeping quarters with the Blaze.

Everyone had such a wonderful time. No one wanted it to end. So, the Marchio's took the Sea Doo back to Alabama where it will reside for the remainder of the summer and the Marchio's can take it to the lake.

Meanwhile, Scott and Deborah are on there way to spend a few months in Tool, Texas with Deborah's family.