Prayer Cloth Completed and on Being a New Grandmother at 38

Today I mailed off another prayer cloth. I knitted this one in the bee stitch which is not a very common stitch used today. The pattern is: Row 1 - K Row 2 - K1, K1 below Row 3 - P1, K to last stitch, P1 Row 4 - K1, {K1, K1 below}, repeat {} to last stitch, K1

Here is the result:

Today I started knitting another pair of socks. I dislike starting socks. Needless to say, i went two rounds in one direction and then reversed course and went the other direction. Time to frog a bit.

On a brighter note, I am going to be a grandmother. My birthday is this weekend and I am going to be 39. My son informed me a while back that I am going to be a grandmother. This is the first time I can put it in public though because not everyone knew. Today we found out that it is going to be a boy. Everyone knows now so it is time to start thinking about how to spoil him.