Beauregard Baseball All Star Team 2006

Gabriel made the Beauregard All Star baseball team this year and we have spent the last couple of weeks attending his games. The team made it through the first bracket in Valley, AL and almost through the second bracket hosted in Dadeville, AL. The boys made some incredible plays and really fought hard right to the very end. The final score of the last game was Dadeville/20 – Beauregard/15. A few days ago I made Gabriel his very first baseball card. The stats are not completely accurate because they played after I printed it. Regardless, I thought it would be cool for him to have his very own card. Here is his card and another photo of the entire team. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Beauregard Baseball All Star Team 2006

  1. Congratulations to Gabriel and the whole All-Star team! I, too, am a Christian knitter with a son just a couple of months younger than yours and a 7 y/o girl that loves hand-knitted socks. How cool!Our league doesn’t have all-stars at the machine-pitch level (of course, I am positive that my son would have been top-pick if we had – ok, maybe in the top 5). His dad coached him the last three years in Rookies and they did great all years. He is getting ready to move up to minors next spring and so will play minors fall ball starting next week to kind of get used to it. He is so excited to move up (he’s played machine-pitch for three years and can’t wait to steal home!)Lovely, lovely baseball card, too, btw. I think having their own baseball card is so cool and they can trade with the other team members, too. Did you take the photo? I could never get a decent batting photo, my dig camera just did not work well with me…Well, I’m sorry to take up so much room but I was struck with our parallels. I can’t wait to explore your website further. Take care, God bless

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